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Toho Publishing has years of experience editing journals, and we're finally creating our own!

In conjunction with Green Street Poetry and St. Michael's Lutheran in Kensington, we present Toho Journal.

We publish fiction, nonfiction, poetry—and some art and photography too! 

In ancient Japanese, toho means sword.  That sword cuts to the essential.  As such, we will publish essential pieces (i.e., short, 500 words max).

While we focus on Philadelphia, writers of all stages and geographies are invited to apply.  For more information, please click the link to the right.


Andrés has been writing and editing for Brooklyn Aikikai Journal for a decade (he is currently the head editor).  In 2018, he moved to Philadelphia—and brought with him a deep desire to grow a writing community and, in partnership, create a high-caliber journal, a work of art and beauty.

In Philly, he met a number of inspiring poets and writers, and together, we present Toho Journal, a journal focusing on the essential.

Below are images of Brooklyn Aikikai Journal on which our own work is based.  If you are interested in helping out in some way, please contact us.  

To submit, please click on the submit button in the section above.


Cover, photos, artwork, and design by Ryugan Savoca, Lorenzo Tijerina, Sean MacNintch, Rebecca Scheckman, and Takamasa Ota.




In May of 2019, Toho Journal launched its first edition.  We are proud to have published over 50 writers, poets, and artists (see our list of contributors here!). 

Our launch sold out—and we sold out of journals too!  Below are some pictures of the event.  Come join us at the next one!

To see what our journal looks like, quickly buy a digital copy here.


Want to help Toho Journal amplify Philadelphia's many diverse voices—both emerging and established? 

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Executive Editor:     Andrés Cruciani

Fiction Editors:        Thatcher Snyder (head), Jonathan Koven, Shea Lowery

Nonfiction Editors:  Patrick McGee (head), Shoshana Lovett-Graff, M. Elizabeth Hershey

Poetry Editors:         Sean Hanrahan (head), Sam Fischer, L.M. Camiolo

Art/Photo Editors:   Caroline Furr (head)

Editors-at-Large:     Parker Hilley, Bashir Bryant

Social Media Coordinator:  Shea Lowery

Event Coordinator:  Juliet Pennay

Graphic Designer:   Jessie Dickey

Director of Marketing:  Josh Martin



Editor-at-Large (Diversity Outreach)

Bashir is a Philadelphia born playwright, screenwriter, and actor who uses Black life—past and present—for inspiration.


Poetry Editor

A Philadelphia-based poet and aspiring taxidermist, Lin studied literature and creative writing at Purchase College and holds hauntology, descriptivism, and all things macabre close to heart.


Executive Editor

Andrés is the founder of Toho Publishing and has been writing, teaching, and editing for over fifteen years. Find his work in the publications section above.


Designer, Art Editor

Jessie is a designer and maker.  When she's not designing housewares for Urban Outfitters, you can find her elbows deep in clay or dreaming about vintage glassware.


Poetry Editor

Sam was born in Bala Cynwyd, and spent four incredible years out west at Whitman College before moving back to Philadelphia to live and work. He has a forthcoming poetry chapbook and wants to start a band. Please email him at to connect.


Head Art Editor

MA in sculpture, ongoing visual arts exhibitions since 1974, founding director of The Children’s Museum in La Habra, California. Painted sets for TV and film in LA, collaborated with a furniture designer, a sculptor, and a children’s theatre in Barcelona. Freelance surface designer in Manhattan and interior designer on the East Coast (


Head Poetry Editor

Sean is a poet originally hailing from Dale City, Virginia. He is the author of the chapbook Hardened Eyes on the Scan published by Moonstone Press.  His work has also been included in several anthologies and journals.  He currently serves on the Moonstone Press Editorial Board and as a workshop instructor for Green Street Poetry workshop.


Nonfiction Editor, Workshop Coordinator

M. Elizabeth is an artist, writer, and musician originally from Indiana who works full-time as a freelance photographer in Philadelphia. Her other interests include Italian film, viola, and piano, and she is an avid reader.



Parker is the cofounder of the generative writing group Drafts on Draft and an editor at Palm Sized Press. When this Atlanta native isn’t freelance writing or proofreading, she can be found reading or watching South Park with her dogs.


Fiction Editor, Workshop Coordinator

Jonathan is a writer from New York. He holds a bachelor's from American University and lives in Philadelphia. Jonathan works at Teleflora as a technical writer, freelance editing on the side. He has edited for The Adolphus Press, is featured in American Literary and Echo Journal, and is working on publishing his debut fiction novel.


Fiction Editor, Social Media Coordinator

Shea is a professional counselor who believes writing is necessary to understand and explore the human experience. Check out her projects at and


Nonfiction Editor

Shoshana was born in New Haven, Connecticut, but has called Philadelphia her home for the past two years. Her poetry, flash fiction, and nonfiction can be read in a variety of online and print publications. She is interested in diasporic identity, ritual innovation, and writing that blurs genres.


Marketing Director

Josh is a marketing specialist in the architecture and design industry, and he is the founder of Green Street Poetry in Philadelphia. He is a poet and the author of the upcoming chapbook Yowl. He is also the marketing manager at P. Agnes, Inc., and the director of public relations for SMPS Philadelphia.


Head Nonfiction Editor

Patrick is an award-winning writer and editor based in Philadelphia. Over the course of his career he has covered medicine, the life sciences, and technology, and worked as a reporter at a daily newspaper. He has also taught composition and journalism at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania.


Event Coordinator

Juliet is a mother, writer, artist, and sustainable event planner, in that order. She has a passion for saving the planet and throwing great parties. She lives in Philadelphia with her five-year-old son, Luca, and their crazy cat, Guapo.


Head Fiction Editor, Twitter Content Manager

Thatcher Snyder is a copy editor, writer, and cook based in Philadelphia. His interests include the psychological effects of aging, gentrification, compulsive practices, and the impetus to art-making. His work can be found in Z, Bard Papers, and BOMB.


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