Stateless at the Haitian-Dominican Border

Mosaic mural of dishes, tile, handmade ceramics

Sherri Grasmuck

Sherri Grasmuck
Stateless at the Haitian-Dominican Border

UNTITLED (11:28)

Ann Huang

A hundred of them, or more. You don’t know how they

     entered your territory by your femininity

during those twenty years. You gave each of them

     a chance to love—; the “early afternoons”

whence you almost gave in, but you saw how they

     cared to compete against each other

over real love—; and the light was tall

     nearby the moon-star facing the Calypso, had they

a lifetime of following master Fabritius’ The Goldfinch

      before the chains were released. You’ve given

twenty-four chapters of an epic the patriarchy was immersed in

     —or you could do what you believed in by taking

the high road. You knew the man’s world somehow tried to

     alienate you from warm, cool shades of evenings by

drinking your household drinks, their

     bright smiles took on the lion with eagle’s wings

in daylight. You watched somehow Homer missed to point

     out the game. Now, you’re retelling the aim

of a secret till the end of this world, you had the domain.

Ann Huang

Ann Huang is a Chinese-born, Mexican-raised and US-based author, poet, and filmmaker who published four award-winning collections, most recently a Shaft of Light. Her lyrical poetry speaks of a dreamy state of being by melting present into its past and future, with surrealistic gestures permeating space and time across multiverses. Visit her poetry site at and her film site at

Sherri Grasmuck

Sherri Grasmuck began working on mosaic murals five years ago. Her work echoes themes of her career as a sociologist of Latino immigration, gender, and inequality. Her work often expresses political inspiration such as Guatemalan women bravely taking on a Canadian mining company in international court for human rights abuse.

Sherri Grasmuck