Venere on the Road

Digital elaboration, 14” x 11”

Matteo Bona

Matteo Bona
Venere on the Road


MK Punky

When my band the Phree Radicals

opened for Interesting Pollen

before they sold out for arena-level fame,

all of us had a crush

on their lead singer from Chile

who back then still used

her full name

and hadn't yet discovered

as I had

how helplessly in love

you could fall

for another girl.

Backstage in the green room

at a VFW hall rented

by an ambitious college boy promoter

known for booking

quirky indie acts

with lofty aspirations,

I stood beside her

at the catering table

strewn with packaged snacks

and some sliced fruit on ice.

She flashed those dark eyes

at me and asked

with that contralto growl the world loves

woo jew like a jogurt?

That night onstage,

knowing she might be watching from the wings,

I beat my drums

with the wild fury

of a feral cat

calling for her mate.

MK Punky

The author of many books, most recently The Unexpected Guest: How a Homeless Man from the Streets of L.A. Redefined Our Home (Diversion Books), MK Punky serves as poet laureate of Vista Street Library in Los Angeles.

Matteo Bona

Matteo Bona was born on January 1, 1997, in Asti (Piedmont, Italy). He studies Foreign Languages and Modern Literatures at the Università del Piemonte Orientale. In 2018, he published a graphic project for Cold Mountain Review called “Die Vernichtung,” which won the Appalachian State University Readers’ Choice Award. In October 2019, he received the Roma Tre Academic Prize “Apollo Dionisiaco” for figurative art.

Matteo Bona