sgraffito and mixed media on museum board, 24" x 36"

E. Sherman Hayman

E. Sherman Hayman


Morgan Boyer

Another day of collecting cups from upstairs

to place in the watery dungeon of the dishwasher.

Another day of wiping bits of cottage cheese residue

from a spoon or awkwardly trying to move the weighted

blanket to sweep the stairs despite no one coming over.

Another day of listening to the groaning of the dryer and scraping flint

Another day of “we’ve received your applications” without

ever receiving a word from them again.

Another day of lukewarm coffee, or

as West Coast hipsters call it, “cold brew”.

Another day of watching videos of white blond

ladies decorating cakes

in ways I couldn’t dream of in kitchens that

cost as much money as I owe Carlow

Another day of being an unremarkable human being.

Morgan Boyer

Morgan Boyer is the author of The Serotonin Cradle (Finishing Line Press, 2018) and graduate of Carlow University. Boyer has been featured by Kallisto Gaia Press, Thirty West Publishing House, Pennsylvania English, and Rune. Boyer lives in Pittsburgh with her family.

E. Sherman Hayman

E. (Mur) Sherman Hayman grew up in Virginia, studied in Virginia and Paris, then ended up at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and fell in love with Philadelphia, where she still lives. Major exhibitions over the past years include those at Cerulean Arts, Rosenfeld Gallery, Googleworks (Reading, PA), Lake Eustis Museum of Art (Florida), and Arlington Arts Center (Virginia). She currently has work in exhibitions at The National Liberty Museum (Philadelphia) and Monmouth Museum (NJ).

E. Sherman Hayman