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Photo and text
11" x 9.5"

Marian Kaplun Shapiro


Sarah Paulos

We are huddling within the warmth

of the digital campfire

and we are telling stories like

the earliest humans did.

We are telling about the old gods

and the gods that we shaped new.

We are singing the deeds of fools

and the death of kings.

We are naming all the animals

our parents had no names for.

Your words reach out to me across

continents and across walls

of razor-wire and this is how

I know I am alive. You are alive.

We will not be lost without

leaving something behind.

Sarah Paulos is a writer and editor originally from Texas, now living in Philadelphia. Some of her poetry can be found on the web at One Sentence Poems and Lighten Up Online; her theater reviews have appeared on Phindie.

Marian Kaplun Shapiro is the author of a psychology book, Second Childhood; a poetry book, Players in the Dream; Dreamers in the Play; and two chapbooks, Your Third Wish (Finishing Line) and The End of the World, Announced on Wednesday. Her most recent book of poems, At The Edge of a Cliff, was published in January.  She is a resident of Lexington, Massachusetts, where she practices as a psychologist.