Pandemic XX XX.jpg



Acrylic paint and graphite
Triptych, overall dimensions 16" x 36"

John Greiner-Ferris


Ken Anderson

I spoke, surprised

to hear someone

the orderlies had dragged off long ago. They took the mirror

so he wouldn’t know. I tossed more words

on the air

to test the drift

of who I was again, just what it was like

inside my head

to think, my heart

to love, my flesh and blood

to yearn. A doctor smiled

and called me

by the other’s name, and then—

a Genesis occurred. I had

to die

so he could live


Ken Anderson was a finalist in the recent Saints and Sinners poetry contest.  His novel Sea Change: An Example of the Pleasure Principle was a finalist for the 2012 Ferro-Grumley Award and an Independent Publisher Editor’s Choice.  His novel Someone Bought the House on the Island was a finalist in the Independent Publisher Book Awards.  A stage adaptation won the Saints and Sinners Playwriting Contest and premiered May 2, 2008, at the Marigny Theater in New Orleans.

John Greiner-Ferris is an artist, a writer (MFA/playwriting/Boston University), and a photographer (BFA/Ohio University).  Sometimes he makes images.  Sometimes he writes.  Sometimes he does both. Cameras | Paint/Pencils/Etc | Words | Lotsa Words | Everything Else Instagram: @johngreinerferrisstudio. More at