Generation Nap

Generation Nap

Hugh Findlay

Generation Nap


Christina Dudley

I want to teach my children

the nature of things.

How on a blistering cold day

the sun will be shining,

then rain will pour relentlessly

in the middle of July.

You will arrive at the pool,

floaties strapped to your arms,

hobbling around,

smelling of sunscreen and hope.

The thunder will come.

The lifeguard will blow the whistle,

quietly grateful for a day’s rest.

You will show up with your towel

and your plans

and your ideas.

Clouds will roll in.

Your summer spirit will be crushed.

You will stand defeated.

Towel in one hand, my pinky finger in the other.

We will walk home shivering,

gently teaching one another

how to let things go.

Christina Dudley is a writer of poems and narrative essays exploring the American feminist perspective as the daughter of an immigrant. She earned her BA in Psychology from UT Austin and has worked in public mental health organizations serving adults with severe and persistent mental illness. These experiences inform her writing and her heart.

Hugh Findlay lives in Durham, NC, and would rather be caught fishing. He drives a little red MG, reads and writes a lot, dabbles in photography, and makes a pretty good gumbo. His work has been published in several publications worldwide. @hughmanfindlay