george l stein



Glorious Piner

The bullets in your feral eyes,

aimed behind that burglar’s mask

you flex so—what?—they think you bad?

To dare them savage strays despise

your twisted snout, your rugged mouth,

those bandit hands, your calloused touch

that built that ghetto up from dust?

To make them stray cats pussy out?

Dammed behind eroded wood,

trudging through its mired tracks,

you shift & crook. In the net of cracks,

you’re as the ō displaced in hood.

Glorious Piner is a poet and writer from West Philadelphia. She is an MFA student at the University of Maryland, concentrating—as hard as she can, now that everything's on a virtual platform—on poetry. Prolit Magazine recently welcomed her into the broader world of literature by featuring her first-ever published poem, “PPA.” Her other interests include reading, woodcrafting, and staring anxiously at blank pages before the poems come.

george l stein is a photographer and occasional writer living in New Jersey and working in New York. Interesting juxtapositions, strong contrasts, and ambiguous narratives are his currency. He has been published in various literary magazines and has work in a current show at bG Gallery in Santa Monica.