Half Empty/Half Full

Half Empty/Half Full

John Laue

Half Empty/Half Full


Olivia Zarzycki


strawberry sun sky.

your front porch.

the pet turtle is out of his tank

and racing along the stoop while

we giggle.

video box daydream.

chain-smoking in love.

i don’t know what day it is.

it doesn’t matter.


when the turtle dies we

bury it in your mom’s backyard

in the suburbs―two months

later. its eyes had

disintegrated. two

black caverns. like the

pit in my stomach. the

space between you

and me.


Olivia Zarzycki is an educator and writer living in the city of Philadelphia with her pet ferret. Her writing often focuses on the experiences of transformation and heartbreak that come along with navigating young adulthood.

An accomplished photographer and a widely-published poet with five books out, John Laue had two successful shows of his photos last year and has had many selected for local and international galleries and featured in magazines.