Hazel The Aura​

In my village

I be where them Gorillas be

who call in

Yerppps & Ayooos

that ring from the belly

of the valley that rocks us.

In my jungle,

the roots break the sidewalk

and bloom into afros

that we cast our wishes upon

then ship em to the stars.

In my village,

the lion is quiet

while he hunts.

They feed they lion.

They lion grow.

In my concrete jungle,

the lion eat tonight.

And every night.

The lion be ard

in my jungle.

Hazel The Aura (formerly known as Aleasha Watson Mitchell) is a Poetic Artist born and raised in Philly. Through spoken word and music, Hazel The Aura celebrates the voices, rhythms, and language of her neighborhood. If you would like to be neighbors please follow @HazelTheAura on Instagram.