Preeti Shah

My Mother was not molded from clay

she was not born spinning

from the world

of a pottery wheel

softening in the hands

of hardened men

only to see her come out from a kiln

silent or cracked.

My Mother was made from fire

blue rimmed charcoal eyes

words spilling like lava

even her first steps

were on embers

during the walk for Independence in India.

My Mother

free   wild   scathing

for any hand that wanted to learn

how fire bites.

Preeti Shah serves as associate director of communications for the online magazine, YJPerspectives. She is a finalist for the Fall 2019 Brooklyn Poets Fellowship. She has been published in numerous literary journals, with upcoming publications in Literary Heist and Triggerfish Critical Review. Preeti resides in Queens, New York, but was raised right outside of Philadelphia.