Danielle Gennaro

Massive stones stand

en pointe as my spine

curves. I play in this

neolithic ballet,

my body, shaped by thousands

of seasons of violent winds,

the stones and I, we perfect

our poses, performing for

the raucous applause of

a Pembroke sky,

stood in a frozen dance for

millennia, different types of

mysteries—my trunk slanted, and

you: a remain-less burial ground.

And though the sky tends to valleys

questioning our invisible histories,

no one had to see the wind to trust

that a tree can grow sideways from the earth.

Danielle Gennaro is a poet from Purchase, New York. She holds an MFA from Manhattanville College, and she has taken workshops with Brooklyn Poets and the Dylan Thomas International Summer School at the University of Wales. She has previously been published in Oberon Poetry Magazine and Wizards in Space Literary Magazine, Volumes 2 and 3.