Andrés Cruciani


executive editor

Andrés has been writing, teaching, editing, and now publishing for almost twenty years. He has a bachelor's from Cornell, a master's from Brooklyn College, and an MFA in fiction from The New School.  He has worked as an editor, a copywriter, a textbook writer, and a public school teacher.

what I'm looking for

I want to be moved.  I’m currently particularly interested in nonfiction (memoir, how tos, Zen-based spirituality). I want to, quite literally, have my life changed by reading your book.

contact me for

opportunities, publishing

fun fact

Andrés has been training in Aikido for over a decade and would love to train with you!



  • Natural Bridge

  • Welter

  • Green Mountains Review

  • Sweet Tree Review

  • Sand Hill Review

  • Journal of Compressed Creative Arts

  • Four Chambers

  • Gone Lawn

  • West Texas Literary

  • Pamplemousse

  • Westchester Review

  • Spurned: Rejections from the Slush Pile

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