Please read the following carefully.  Due to submission volume, pieces not following guidelines may not be read. 

  • Fiction & nonfiction: 750 words max. 

  • Poetry: 1–3 poems. 500 words total (preference for shorter poems).

  • Art & Photography: 1–3 pieces in .jpg or .tiff format (.tiff preferable). Submit each piece as its own file.  Min resolution: 300 dpi; max file size: 45 MB.  Note:  Regardless of resolution, images must look good.  If you zoom in and the image looks pixelated, we can't use it.

  • Formatting: Manuscripts should have your name and be paginated and titled.

  • File naming: Please use your last name.

  • Make sure you're submitting to the proper genre.  Miscategorized pieces may not be read.

  • NOTE: The online and print journal are separate and exclusive.  Being published in one means you will not be published in the other.

  • Finally, we welcome all writers and particularly seek to be a welcoming space to BIPOC writers, LGBTQ+ writers, and writers of all marginalized identities.


I've been published by Toho Journal before.  Can I submit again?

We ask that you wait at least one issue before submitting again.

Do you accept pieces that have been published before?

We prefer being the first to publish a piece, but we're okay with previously published work.  However, any legal issues resulting from this are the contributor's responsibility.  So please make sure you know the terms of your previously published work before submitting it again.

I've never been published before.  Can I submit?

We love being the first (ever) to publish people.  Please submit!

I was published in the print journal.  Will I also be published in the online journal?  (And vice versa.)

No, unfortunately not.  The online journal and print journal operate autonomously (they have different editor teams).  Being published in one means you will not be published in the other.

I only want to be published in print/online.  Is that possible?

At the moment, all pieces are considered for both print and online.  Should your piece be selected for either publication, you will have the opportunity to opt out if you wish.  We won't do anything with your work without your consent.