Bustling New York


It needs work.

Our most intensive edit.  Among other things, we analyze structure, plot, character development, coherence, and consistency, and we rewrite.  Copyediting and proofread included.

We edit your work in three stages:

  1. "Assisted" revision.  We read through your manuscript and provide specific, detailed feedback on how to improve everything from plot to characters—or we do the work for you.

  2. Copyedit.  We edit your manuscript for language (grammar, style, description, etc.).

  3. Proofread.  We make sure your manuscript sparkles. 

If you're interested in hiring us, please email us the following:

  • your name & phone number

  • a few sentences describing your need

  • a description of your novel (genre, length, summary if possible)

  • a two-page sample of your work

You will hear from us soon.  Thank you!