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"I love this book."

—Ray Thompson, lighting designer and ten-time Emmy winner


"Original, artistic and thought provoking."

—Barry Barish, Nobel Prize in Physics, 2017


". . . impeccable . . . mystery, irony and tension . . . mystical harmony.  She portrays awkward and lonely human frailty with delicate compassion . . ."

—Steven R. Lowy, Entertainment Attorney


". . .mesmerizing and moving."

—Dale Raoul, stage and screen actress


"She is the 'real thing'."

—Doreen Gehry Nelson, founding director of Design-Based Learning Center X UCLA





Uneven Terrain, Caroline Furr’s first collection of illustrated short stories, portrays awkward and lonely human frailty with delicate compassion.  Her writing has the elusive quality of taking place in a timeless past, which gives her subjects a classical significance in the existential everyday.  With detailed observations and calm reflection, this playful book describes ordinary situations as the reader finds resolution in surprising ways.




Early life in Oklahoma, begin professional and personal life in Texas, then move to Los Angeles to complete MA in sculpture; work in museums and galleries and paint sets for TV and film. Then to Barcelona. Return to USA, continue ongoing exhibition history since 1974 in painting and sculpture. And so on.


[Temporary cover.]

Uneven Terrain—A Collection of Short Stories: Caroline Furr


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