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They Shot Anyway bubbles over with generational black grief and anger.  Taylor guides us through the perspective of a black muslim woman in a landscape that is hostile to all three.  Still, this othered woman rebelliously clutches onto her humanity in a country that regards her life as disposable. 


As unarmed black corpses dominate the news cycle, these pages sear with fury and whimpers of grief while she reckons with survivors' guilt.  Now that we live in the wreckage, They Shot Anyway answers the age-old question of What do we do?  We keep going anyway.


Leena Taylor hails from the Milky Way and spent her formative years in northeast Philadelphia.  She exists at the crossroads of multiple, sometimes conflicting, cultures.  Her poetry is an expression of a woman overlooked in America: she is black, she is muslim, she is woman, in a place barely reckoning the nuances of any of those identities.   As a caregiver, Taylor loves amplifying the voices of those othered by society and writes with the intention of giving a home to women omitted from the narrative of America. 


Leena Taylor—poet, Philadelphian—is one of the winners of our Fall 2020 poetry scholarship.  Pre-order her debut poetry chapbook today.  

They Shot Anyway: Leena Taylor