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"The Hierophant" is what will become the third chapter of The Vampires of Foggy Hills, in which eighteen-year-old Lucrezia Ivy learns more about the town she's spent much of her life in and just how much things aren't like what they seem.


Prior to the beginning of her senior year, Lucrezia would call life in the supposed vampire capital of the world quirky, yet ultimately boring, with its vampire-themed charity balls and legendary old houses and grand total of three traffic lights, but in the past month, things have gotten interesting. First, the old mayor is found dead in his bed of a seemingly unknown cause; then, a series of strange new people come to town; and then, the same night as the dance, a girl who'd been desperately trying to contact Lucrezia drowns in the lake, but there's a strange burn around her neck. Suddenly, things are happening, and Lucrezia finds herself wishing they weren't. But why now? Why here? Is it the vampire thing? But vampires don't exist, right?




Galaxy (xie/they) is a student by day, waiter by night, and writer always. Xie is also a lover of all things theater. When xie isn’t writing, xie can be found working, listening to music, or playing video games. Xie has plenty of ideas in store!

The Vampires of Foggy Hills