". . . a fresh, confident, and alluring voice."—Jonathan Koven


"Partly elegiac, partly ecstatic, this book is all heart."—Nancy & Bill


"This book is a perfect example of what a great chapbook should be. I definitely recommend it!"—Philip Dykhouse


Poetry. Jewish American. SHORT CYCLES transforms—it is the gentle exploration of how things change even in the smallest of moments: from pin pricks to wheat fields; from carried bread to trolly rides; from waking up in the middle of the night to an unfolding reality to staring into the eyes of a lover and seeing what has never occurred. With simple, gentle, prose, SHORT CYCLES invites readers to unwind into a world blossoming with rhythm, image, and sound.


Sam Fischer lives and writes in Philadelphia. He majored in mathematics at Whitman College and also studied poetry under Katrina Roberts. Since then, he’s worked as a mentor, tutor, coach, and data and evaluation specialist in the Philadelphia education sector. He is also a poetry editor at Toho Journal.
His work has been published in the Philadelphia Secret Admirer and Toho Journal. He has at least four other chapbook-length manuscripts he’d like to publish (persona, erasure, haiku, and lyric poetry). He loves to create, analyze, think, love, express, and learn. He’s excited to explore himself and his faith through poetry even more earnestly in the future and to put his poetry in conversation with others doing the same.

Short Cycles: Sam Fischer



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