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"Rivera is a woman who is crying out from the depths of herself to YOU—you her God, you her audience, you herself, and you, the people and memories of her past. Written like a fighter, weaving combinations of rhythmic, lyric verse that is at once ferocious and controlled, Human By Design is a chapbook of poems that demands to be spoken, grabs hold of its angels, and sings a full, impassioned cry for life, love, and sustenance through God."
—Sam Fischer, author of Short Cycles


Human by Design is authentically crafted and soulfully executed. Rivera takes you on a spiritual journey as you fight alongside her, healing from the past and finding purpose in the present.“

—Laura Rowan



Confronting a hunger for intimacy with God, Human By Design delves into struggles with identity, love, guilt, and reconciliation.  In this collection of poetry, we experience the emotion that surrounds the intricacies of this divine relationship while being human, finding balance and finding ourselves. 


Ashley Rivera is a real estate professional from Philadelphia. Best known for her spoken word—her style and rhythmic delivery—her work includes an array of faith, relationship, and current-event based pieces.

Human By Design: Ashley Rivera