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Exodus is an exploration of the divinity in loss—loss of a lover, loss of a child, loss of the self, loss of the soul.  This chapbook juxtaposes the stages of grief along the march to a promised freedom.  Freedom, however, comes at great cost, and Exodus serves to ask us among the smoldering wreckage: Was it worth it?


"Exodus is division.  It is amalgamation.  The alchemy of self.  The Ten of Swords.  The Tower.  Read and release, for I have found freedom in my surrender!" says Neti Neti.


Neti Neti is a Philadelphia-based poet focused on processing trauma and communal healing through allegory, symbolism, and imagery.  He uses his dissociation and anxiety as a writing technique—evident in his sudden shifts in meter and airy subject matter—to empower identity rather than suppress it.  He is a spiritual pilgrim and a harbinger of endtimes.


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Exodus: Neti Neti


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