"5 out of 5 stars. What an amazing debut!" — Shannon J.


"Wow. Just wow!!" — Patricia Rubcich


"Loss, death, and hope are all explored in what is a simultaneously fun and painful exploration of life's greatest mysteries. Highly recommend!!" — Josh Martin



BURY ME HERE is a poetry collection that comes face-to-face with the concept of death. Within its pages we see a struggle to reconcile with not only the death of life, but also the death of ideas, beliefs, innocence, and love. What is left when these pillars of the human experience are taken from us? Can we move on in these new realities, or will we remain frozen in place, afraid to venture into the dark? Can we accept that sometimes things are our own fault? Can we learn from what came before? Can we find answers to questions we didn’t see coming?



Philip Dykhouse lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has an associate degree in literature from Atlantic Cape Community College. His work has appeared in Toho Journal, Moonstone Press, everseradio.com, and Spiral Poetry. He was the featured reader for the Dead Bards of Philadelphia at the 2018 Philadelphia Poetry Festival. Bury Me Here is his first published chapbook.

Bury Me Here: Philip Dykhouse