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The Best Short Stories of Philadelphia is an anthology of the best stories the Greater Philadelphia Area has to offer.  Help support Philadelphia's literary scene by ordering a copy!


Guest editor Prof. Quinn D. Eli and edited by Matthew Perez.  With stories by:

  • Skylar Althouse
  • Jamila Beale
  • Herman Beavers
  • Louise S. Bierig
  • K.B. Carle
  • David Biddle
  • Will Clattenburg
  • Jeannine A. Cook
  • Chuck Corson
  • Peter Cunniffe
  • Ann de Forest
  • Pietra Dunmore
  • Sophia DuRose
  • Constance Garcia-Barrio
  • Thalia Geiger
  • Shannon Frost Greenstein
  • Sam Gridley
  • Bill Hemmig
  • Anndee Hochman
  • Joshua Isard
  • Corianna Jackson
  • Robin Jarrett
  • Merry Bloch Jones
  • Christine Kendall
  • Liz Kerr
  • Stephanie King
  • Selene Lacayo
  • Oni Lasana
  • Tracey Levine
  • Jeffrey S. Markovitz
  • Kathleen Murphey
  • Julie Odell
  • Nicholas Puntel
  • Sofia Rabaté
  • Debra Leigh Scott
  • Amy Beth Sisson
  • Melissa Strong
  • Andie Tursi
  • Liz Waldie
  • Neil R. Wells
  • Roland Williams


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(Cover photo by Alexandra Marie Morehead.)

The Best Short Stories of Philadelphia