"Mischievous View Of The Now. Salt and Lime Humor." — Nuyen Aum Shanti


"Well worth reading and re-reading." — Laurence S.


"An amazing read that I highly recommend!" — Philip Dykhouse


"I've found Mrs. Furr's book to be very enjoyable! Quite an entertaining break from so many other things in life that are repetitive. Highly recommended." — Lindsey P.


"This is the chapbook you want sitting at your bedside." — Josh Martin


a foreigner's conception: Foreigners have the hungriest of senses. Arriving somewhere new there is the immediate onslaught of a different language, the smell of the place itself, the dress of the people and their comportment. One might call it uneven terrain, and as the stranger makes their way into this other world, there will be untidy loose ends of comprehension. This outsider isn’t dependent upon travel though, it’s a state of mind which casts a wide net over the everyday furniture of life and our own changing conditions. Balance in the moment might be achieved through the simple act, the real pleasure, of taking it all in.


Caroline Furr is a visual artist. This is her first voyage out in the fragile boat made of words. Born in Oklahoma, she has lived and worked in Texas, Los Angeles, Barcelona. And now Philadelphia.

There is more at carolinefurr.com.

A Foreigner's Conception: Caroline Furr