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Week Two: On the Road to Becoming an Expert

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

This week I have been tasked with more research, but this time I’m spending time getting familiar with local English and creative writing programs. In order for The Secret Project to be a success, there needs to be a lot of local writers involved.

One thing I’ve learned about the hybrid publishing process is that writers use their own network of friends, family, and colleagues to boost the revenue and buzz about their projects. A hybrid publisher works similarly to a traditional publishing house, but in the hybrid process, the author supplies most of the funds for the project. I’ve only recently become acquainted with the communal side of the writing process, and have learned that collaborating with others is key to a great piece of literature. Since I recently finished the remainder of my sophomore semester at home, I lost the human connection I get in the classroom from my fellow peers who love reading and writing just as much as I do. I didn’t even know I depended so much on their company to get through my own assignments. For example, during the last few weeks of my poetry workshop, I couldn’t bounce ideas off of my peers about my own portfolio. I really missed getting to throw out ideas into the middle of the classroom and hear what other budding writers have to say. Like I mentioned last week, I was shocked to learn about all the literary resources that exist in Philadelphia. It’s like a secret oasis!

As mentioned above, this week I also did more research. I’m a pretty organized person, but taking on The Secret Project has made me more aware of details and elements—like contracts, email lists, and even social media accounts—that go into making a project like this. Before we ask others to get involved, we must build the project’s infrastructure submission portal, budget, webpage, and style books for this blog and the project’s Instagram account—especially if we want this book to do well. A budget has to be set, along with deadlines and major to-do lists. Additionally, we have to make our presence known to the public by using social media and SEO to our advantage. As I understand it, in general, in order to get people excited about what we’re doing, we have to legitimize ourselves so that everyone is just as excited about the secret book project as we are.

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