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Week Six: Unveiling in Style

Rebecca Koestler is a rising junior at Fordham University from Yardley, Pennsylvania. She is one of the interns who joined the Secret Book Project around week three. She is a Communications & Culture and Spanish double major with a minor in Political Science who plans to enter a career in media.

As students across the world flooded home in March, so did the emails that all the internships I applied to were canceled. As the semester came to an end, my broken-heart and I spent hours pondering how I could spend my summer. While I was extremely fortunate to have a source of income after my boss at Verrelli’s Yardley Pizza in Bucks County reached out and invited me to work the take-out service, I wanted to do more. While I am unsure of my beliefs in fate, there was some magic in the air when Claudia reached out to me.

The idea of networking has been pounded into my head since the beginning of high school. The faculty at Mount Saint Joseph Academy always emphasized how meaningful human connections are and told us to utilize the alumni network of our high school and eventually, universities. Little did I know that my close friend would be able to provide me with such a fantastic opportunity just a few years later. While COVID-19 erupted all of our lives, it brought us to work together on this incredible secret project.

Before being brought onto the project, I was informed briefly about my duties as an intern, and I was immediately ready to take on the opportunity. Upon meeting Andres, he asked Grace and me about our interests within the project and our future careers. I mentioned my past in working in Social Media and how it was a possible path I want to take in the future, and immediately, I was introduced to Toho Publishing’s social media. Andres took my skills and ran, giving me the freedom to familiarize myself with Toho’s social media so far and apply my skills to better it. This led to this week’s work, the style guide.

A style guide is a document that companies use to style social media posts within a specific code for aesthetic and branding reasons. Today, social media has such an incredible influence, which causes every company’s posts to be very calculated. These guides are full of font families, Hex color codes, and social media rules to perfect each post to the brand standards. Following a style guide comes creating a content calendar or a formatted way to plan posts and stay organized.

To create Toho’s style guide, I based the colors off of the company’s use of teal and researched fonts that align with what Toho uses on their website and other social media posts. Once the guide was created, I began a content calendar, starting with the week we unveiled our secret project, The Best Short Stories of Philadelphia. This Instagram post was vital to our project, allowing us to reach hundreds of more people. The post needed to be informative yet straightforward, therefore easy to repost and share with others. Most importantly, though, is to make sure both this post and the entirety of Toho Publishing’s social media reflect who Toho is as a company. As Toho emphasizes working with precision and care and providing excellence, these values must be mirrored within its social media.

Claudia and I in Naples, Italy back in 2017... Little did I expect her to introduce me to this wonderful opportunity with Toho Publishing three years later!

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