The Quiet Woods of a Writing Workshop

A short post on writing with others.

Andrés Cruciani of Toho Publishing here, and last night, we had our first writing workshop in Philadelphia.

It was small but successful. We produced writing based on a simple prompt: describe this room. It was an easy and bountiful exercise that everyone seemed to enjoy. And we took our attention and focused on things we normally don't: the sound of fluorescence lighting overhead, the smell of old wood, the feel of the chairs beneath us and the thought of the many hundreds who had sat in them before us. Also, this workshop happened to be in a church, so people wrote about the many tears that had most likely been shed in that room—the joys celebrated and the deaths mourned.

Excluding me, the members of the group were in their fifties and sixties. There was something quite wonderful about this. There seems a consistent push to be youthful, to rejuvenate, to separate from what once was. But it seems that we—I'm speaking now as a millennial—have forgotten the invaluable wisdom that age often brings. Between blooming rose and wilting oak, we choose the rose. But the experience in that room was of the woods, of tribulations, of smaller and greater joys, of lifespans twice mine.

So, in any case, thank you to those who made it out last night. And tonight we head to Green Street's poetry workshop at London Grill (7pm). Hope to see some of you there!

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