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The Interns Bid Toho Publishing Farewell

As the Toho Publishing summer internship comes to a close, the anthology team shares a look into how each of them has grown over the past three months of working at Toho Publishing with CEO and founder Andrés Cruciani.

An internship allows students or someone looking to dip their toes in a new industry—really anyone—to learn what it takes to work on a project “in the real world.” Mistakes were made and hurdles were crossed, but throughout it all, the interns learned something that will be valuable to their futures.

Here are their closing remarks!

What has been the most challenging part of this internship?

Grace: I’d say the most challenging part of this internship for me personally was time management. I went from having absolutely nothing to do in May (after my Spring classes had ended) to nearly every day being completely booked through late-June and July. I started working a full-time job, and it proved to be very difficult to balance both my job and this internship at some points. This challenge brought along a really rewarding lesson, though, which was about being realistic about what I can handle. I have been able to handle every task I have been given so far, but I am glad that I am more comfortable with being vocal about what I can and cannot take on in the future.

Claudia: The most challenging part of this internship has been making sure that everyone is always on the same page. Everyone has to know what’s going on, which can be difficult when someone feels out of the loop. I hold myself accountable during meetings to take notes and report back to the team what the week ahead will look like for us. It’s also been hard to accept that I cannot control everything (or else I’d go crazy!). Taking steps one at a time is something I’ve learned to embrace.

Becca: Personally, the most challenging part of this internship has been making decisions! Being a bit indecisive, I always like to get second opinions on things. When Andrés gave me the task of creating a style guide and creating Instagram posts, I was basically given the task to make decision after decision on my own. When I reached out to the other interns to get their opinions and they liked everything I came up with, I realized I had to trust my gut and overcome my indecisiveness. Since realizing this lesson, creating posts has become much easier and stress free!

Ail: The most challenging part of this internship is time management and being punctual with due dates. My personal life can get pretty chaotic at times, so I struggle with consistently staying on top of things.

What has been the most rewarding part of this internship?

Grace: I think I have a few answers for this one! One super rewarding part of this internship has been getting to work with some of my best friends! Claudia, Becca and I went to high school together and were all friends before this, but this experience has brought us even closer. Another rewarding piece is having the opportunity to meet new people, like Ail and Andrés! Ail has been a wonderful addition to the team and Andrés, as I expressed in my blog post (shameless self promo, it’s week 5!), has been such a great mentor throughout this process. So, overall, I’d say the most rewarding part of this internship so far has been having a great group of people along with me on this journey to both encourage and challenge me!

Claudia: When a piece is submitted through the submission form, relief rushes over me, and I’m convinced that all the work has been worth it. Getting to see people’s interest in our project has been UBER rewarding. I also have the pleasure of working with a great mentor and team. Andrés kept me on task, and I felt comfortable checking in on what he’s been up to. I know I can reach out to the other interns at any time during the day, and they can complete a task. It’s so very rewarding getting to see the fruits of our labor.

Becca: In the week leading up to unveiling our secret project, Andrés kept mentioning how “it’s about to get real” and how once we start sending out our hundreds of emails and posting online about The Best Short Stories of Philadelphia, our project would no longer be contained to our small bi-weekly Zooms, but a very real thing. And he was right. Watching the submissions roll in, the likes and shares of our Instagram posts soar and receiving personal responses from people we spent hours researching and reaching out to has been incredibly rewarding. Every text in our intern group chat of “we have x amount of submissions!” or “[intern name] you have an email response!” puts a smile on my face every time!

Ail: Just recently I received a few emails addressed to me in regards to questions about what we’re creating. For me, that's been putting a spring in my step. Also, I get a bit excited about signing the emails as an “editorial assistant.” I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been bragging about that to anyone who’ll listen!

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