The Book Is Up! And the Paperback and Ebook Aren't Linked on Amazon :(

Well, folks, Andrés Cruciani here, and the thing about publishing your first book (as a company, as an individual) is that pretty much everything you do is a milestone. Now, the paperback is up on Amazon. Huzzah!

The thing is, because everything you do you're doing the for the first time, everything comes with its own new issues and problems. Now, for example, the paperback and kindle version aren't linked—meaning, they're on two separate Amazon pages. The issue there is that people who click on the ebook link won't necessarily see the paperback. And vice versa. Apparently this happens when you don't publish versions simultaneously, but, like I said, everything we're doing at the moment we're doing for the first! So, next time, we'll have both the ebook and the paperback ready to go at the same time.

Now, just so you know, the reason they didn't come out at once is that we were trying to publish a book in two weeks (which we did). Basically, we were trying to get a book out by Xmas (which we did). Next time, however, we will have months instead of weeks, and we will be able to have a much more solid plan going forward. Well, not just a plan, but we'll know a lot of the pitfalls ahead of time.

But, for now, it's learn as we go, and there's a lot of learning to be done! Next post, I plan on talking about Amazon royalties. In a word: ho-hum.

Andrés Cruciani is the founder of Toho Publishing. He’s a writer, editor, and teacher, and we’re publishing his first novel! You can join him on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, YouTube, and Instagram.

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