Toho Publishing: Our First Book Cover!

Well, Andrés Cruciani here, founder of Toho Publishing and we just got our proofs for the first book we'll be publishing: THE FATHER (written by yours truly).

This wonderful cover design was done by the incredible Bia Andrade from 99designs. She's been incredibly helpful, quick, and responsive, and we have nothing but good things to say about her.

The book cover looks great. It's a bit darker than it appears on Photoshop, but we think that's okay (as the story itself is a bit dark. There are a few tweaks we need to make to the cover (the tag line has to be lowered a bit and the title has to be moved to the right a smidge), but other than that we're happy.

It's obviously incredibly important to get proofs and look through them carefully, so that'll be the next step. We've already found a misspelled name in the acknowledgments—so we're very happy to proof!

Also, in case you're curious, we're going to publish the book as is (it'll take a few days anyway), make the changes, upload them, and then resubmit the book. So those people buying the very first prints of the first edition will have something a little special (i.e., copies with a couple of mistakes). Good for them! :)

Well, back to work. Happy holidays!

Andrés Cruciani is the founder of Toho Publishing. He’s a writer, editor, and teacher, and we’re publishing his first novel! You can join him on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, YouTube, and Instagram.

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