Just When It Seemed Like an Ordinary Publishing Day

Well, folks, Andrés Cruciani here of Toho Publishing, and today's update on the state of our publishing company is going to be short and sweet.

Here are highlights of the last few days:

  • We published a short story, "The Scientist", on Amazon's Kindle Select as an experiment. The story rose all the way to #13 in Amazon's category in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > 15 minutes (1-11 pages) > Literature & Fiction. (It has since plummeted because we haven't been publicizing it. This will, however, be changing shortly as we will be setting up a promotion.)

  • After publishing said story, we realized that pretty much every "short read" placed above ours was either (a) a novel (i.e., not a short read) or (b) a checklist. Many of the novels were published by Penguin, leading to the assumption that they are miscategorizing their books on purpose. We reported these inaccurate categorizations on the books' pages themselves. We also tweeted at Amazon.

  • We are in the process of translating THE FATHER into Spanish. Our goal is to have this done by Wednesday, Jan 9, 2019, but it may be a few more days after that.

  • We continue to tweak our Amazon ads. THE FATHER is performing well for people searching for Cormac McCarthy.

  • We are offering our first internship! Though still unofficial, this spot will be going to Parker Hilley. Check out her first blog post here.

  • We are in the process of editing Ross Boone's THE BLIND STEP BOLDLY, the first book in a fantasy series. More to come on this! We have other authors that have begun seeking our help as well and are in the process of creating proposals for them.

  • We continue to improve our website. Massive overhaul to come ...

And ... this just in! One of our authors, Claudia Yelin, was just offered a book deal!

Okay, lots of work to do now. Gotta go!

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