Generative Writing Workshop

We're hosting a writing workshop in Philadelphia. Join us!

Andrés Cruciani of Toho Publishing here, and it's Sunday night, and we're prepping for the week ahead.

In fact, what we're really preparing is a generative writing course that begins this Wednesday, Jan 16th, at St. Michael's Lutheran Church of Kensington (in Philadelphia). The course is aimed at writers of all skill levels. Our goal will simply be to produce, to create.

Each workshop, we'll take a look at some of the writing of masters, and then I'll provide prompts from which we can birth our own writings. In a nurturing and supportive environment, we will share our work. We will build on our strengths. And for those who want to write more, there will be extra prompts to write on until our next meeting. Finally, the class will culminate in a physical journal in which each member will be invited to publish their best work. If you know of a writer in Philadelphia, please pass this along to them!

Speaking of literary journals, the latest edition of Brooklyn Aikikai Journal (of which Toho Publishing's Matthew Perez and I are editors) was just published. It's a beautiful magazine housing a trove of insightful gems (cover artwork by Ryugan Savoca and design by Sean MacNintch). This edition's theme was joy. If you happen to live in Brooklyn, head over to Brooklyn Aikikai to pick up your own copy (there are only 100 copies, so get yours soon). We sell out pretty much every time!

Toho Publishing aims to be the best independent publisher out there, and we’re publishing Andrés Cruciani’s first novel. Join us (and him) on all the things: Facebook, Twitter, Medium, YouTube, and Instagram.

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