Building a Publishing Company Takes Time

So enjoy the process.

We're ready to go. We've got our headband on and everything.

If building a small publishing company is like running a marathon, then today and yesterday are one of those early miles. You're not yet tired, still finding your pace and enjoying the scenery.

Over here, the sun is rising. And we at Toho Publishing are simply putting one foot before the other, putting in the hours upon hours it takes to build something from nothing.

Of particular note, however, is that we will be hosting our first writing workshop here in Philadelphia tomorrow, Wednesday, 1/16, from 6 - 730 p.m. at St. Michael's Lutheran in Kensington (the shop will run for 6 Wednesdays). If you or someone you know might be interested in joining us, we would love to have you. Just get in touch.

Cheers and happy Tuesday.

Toho Publishing aims to be the best small publisher in Philadelphia, and we’re publishing Andrés Cruciani’s first novel. Join us (and him) on all the things:Facebook, Twitter, Medium, YouTube, and Instagram.

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