Another Milestone—Digital Book Launch!

Well, folks, we're very proud over here at Toho Publishing. We've launched our first ebook!

We are publishing our very own Andrés Cruciani's THE FATHER—the story of a man kidnapping his own daughter to save her, but finding that he has lost himself. And as of today, the book is live on Amazon!

As THE FATHER is our first publication, we are learning a lot. From how to get an ISBN to how to publish on Kindle Digital Publishing. We are making some mistakes here and there (for example, when leaving ebook keywords, you can't use "free kindle book") but overall, the experience is a positive one, and Andrés is very happy. Plus, with each launch, we will get better.

Next steps: We need to email everyone we know to buy the book, and then we need to work on our Facebook ad game. Concurrently, we have to get the paperback out!

If you'd like to check out the book, you can find it here. (And please a review!) Thanks!

Andrés Cruciani is the founder of Toho Publishing. He’s a writer, editor, and teacher, and we’re publishing his first novel! You can join him on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, YouTube, and Instagram.

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