Advertising the "Self-Published" Book

Well, folks, Andrés Cruciani has a novel finished, and we're working on marketing/advertising the book (THE FATHER). What an ordeal and learning experience!

We're trying Facebook ads, Amazon ads, emailing, word-of-mouth (well, ideally), and pestering our Friends & Family. It's an incredible learning experience as, well, it's frankly new to all of us here. It feels like we're delving into the stuff, the essence, of the internet.

It's amazing that you can spend so much time on something (the internet), be so affected by it, and yet have so little clue as to how the whole thing really operates. Even dealing with all the online marketing is still, of course, superficial (it's not like we're coding!); still, even this superficial understanding is a process unto itself.

Andrés Cruciani is the founder of Toho Publishing. He’s a writer, editor, and teacher, and we’re publishing his first novel! You can join him on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, YouTube, and Instagram.

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