You've waited long enough.  It's time to get your work out there.

We offer numerous publishing options.  The following estimates are based on a book of 50,000 words.  However, every book and author is different, and we'll customize our service to meet your needs.

Hands Holding a Dove


Just give it to me.

You're happy with your book as it is.  It's been proofread, and you just want your novel—finally—in your hands.

  • We create a simple, elegant cover.

  • We do the layout.

  • You get 50 copies and retain the rights.

Ebook Reader


You want people to be able to buy your book.

You want your book in hand—and purchasable online.  You want others to be able to order your book on demand.

  • We create a cover (author supplies image).

  • We proofread your book and do the layout.

  • We publish your physical book on Amazon and get you an ISBN (through Amazon)

  • You get 10 copies and retain the rights.

Books and Magazines


You're looking for a little more than Amazon.

You want your book print-on-demand, but you want bookstores to be able to sell your book too.  Everything from The Basic package, plus:

  • We publish your book on Ingram Spark (so bookstores can stock your book).

  • We publish your book both physically and digitally.

  • We register your book with the Library of Congress.

  • You get 25 copies and retain the rights.

books-bookshop-bookstore-626986 (1).jpg


You want your book to impress—and you want everything taken care of for you.

We'll do everything we can to make your book spectacular—and you don't worry about a thing. Everything from The Basic+ package, plus:

  • We will edit your book.

  • We'll create a beautiful, modern cover.

  • We'll get you an ISBN.

  • You get 100 copies and retain the rights.