“Creative nonfiction writers do not make things up; they make ideas and information that already exist more interesting.” —Lee Gutkind


New to creative writing?  Want to write a captivating true story but don’t know where to start?  Do you want to explore nonfiction writing as an art form? 


Writing Truth as Art is a six-week exploration of creative nonfiction (CNF) aimed at the novice writer.  CNF employs literary fiction techniques to create narratives based on real events.  Using exemplary texts, we delve into CNF: from generating and refining ideas, researching and interviewing, to writing the story and editing.  


By the end of our workshop, you will have drafted your first piece or polished a previously written piece.  Taught by Patrick McGee—the current head nonfiction editor of Toho Journal—our course will help you conquer your fear of writing nonfiction and sharing it with others.


DATES & TIMES:  6 weeks


Spots available:  6


COST:  $149




The head nonfiction editor of Toho Journal, Patrick McGee is an award-winning writer and editor.  As a reporter, editor, and teacher, he has over 25 years of journalism, publishing, and teaching experience.  He has helped produce nearly 150 issues of various magazines and is the current publications manager at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.  His mission as a teacher is to give novice writers the courage to come out of their shells.


CONTACT: patrickhughmcgee@gmail.com