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We strive to create a platform for finding new voices and helping them integrate into Philadelphia’s already bustling community of writers.  We hope to elevate and shine a spotlight on those who want their work to be seen—but may not know where to start.

We, as a partner of Toho Publishing, hope to create an opportunity for CCP students to improve their craft through community.

Win Win Generative Workshop 2
Win Win Generative Workshop
Win Win Generative Workshop 3
Win Win Generative Workshop 4
Win Win Generative Workshop 5
Win Win Generative Workshop 6


Below is a breakdown of our events for the semester. 

During generative workshops, we'll write together (i.e., generate!).  During 1,000-Word Workshops, writers are invited to bring 7 copies of up to 1,000 words of their writing.  We'll critique each other!


2/9: CCP Generative Writing Workshop (12pm–2pm @ Win Win Coffee Bar)

2/23: CCP Generative Writing Workshop (12pm–2pm @ Win Win Coffee Bar)


3/8: CCP Generative Writing Workshop (12pm–2pm @ Win Win Coffee Bar)

3/22: CCP 1,000-Word Workshop (12pm–2pm @ Win Win Coffee Bar)


4/5: CCP 1000 Word Workshop (12pm–2pm @ Win Win Coffee Bar)




Every issue, we will publish five CCP writers and artists in Toho Journal.  Want to be published?  Learn how to submit here.

(Note: you will need your student ID number.) 



Photographer & Videographer

Nathaniel Bayne is a photography student at Community College of Philadelphia.  He is takes pictures and video of CCP@Toho to showcase the community this collaboration is creating.  Nathaniel writes small fiction and prose poetry mostly for himself, but he enjoys the atmosphere that is being cultivated by the CCP team.



Ail is a full-time psychology student at Community College of Philadelphia.  She’s also a part-time substitute teaching artist for the Philadelphia of Mural Arts Program.  As a multifaceted artist, she primarily centers on social issues in order to incite dialogue, specializing in spoken word, painting, and fabric.  She makes personal connections through voice and music and inspires others with her entrepreneurial spirit.  She’s also a host of monthly open-mic nights and is the founder and CEO of a business that specializes in fabric arts.



Jack Henry is an English major at the Community College of Philadelphia. Writing has always been a constant in his life and a medium in which he expresses himself.  That is why he sees it as such an honor to be able to be affiliated with Toho Journal and to work on this ongoing collaboration. Jack wants to use his position to find unique perspectives at CCP and to create an infrastructure for people who know they want to write but are still trying to figure everything else out.


Head Editor

Lumen is a non-binary transmasculine student at Community College of Philadelphia.  They study English and creative writing.  Lumen usually writes micro-fiction and prose poetry, but they are making strides to write longer works of fiction.  They love helping anyone just starting to write to find their voices and are honored to be part of the editorial board for the CCP@Toho collaboration. Lumen believes in empowering student writers, photographers, and artists to get out into the industry and pursue possibilities.



Chamarra is currently the Press and Digital Assistant in the Mayor's Office of Communications in Philadelphia.  She is a Temple University graduate and has a BS in education and English and a creative writing concentration.  She has always found writing to be the best form of communication and means of self-expression.  When she's not at work and writing speeches for the mayor, she is working on her science fiction novel that she hopes to publish.  She has also contributed to Blavity, Elite Daily, and The Knockturnal and is exploring screenwriting.



Smitty is a military veteran student.  After nearly a decade in the US Navy, he is pursuing studies as an English major. He strives to promote growth through creativity—be it writing or any other platform.  Smitty hopes to one day create an influential novel; in the meantime, he is busy experiencing the different roles that a writer may assume: contributor to The Vanguard (CCP's newspaper), published writer in Toho Journal, and hard worker in building a collaboration between CCP and Toho Journal.

Feel free to reach out to the CCP@Toho team at if you have any questions or are interested in getting involved.