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Overnight a spider had strung its web 

between the curb bush and my passenger 

mirror. I saw how it caught cloudbreak, 

stalled it, let it loose in sequins as I rounded 

the hood, shifting angles smoothly, my arms 

full of baggage. To drive away now would be 

to stretch those strands to snapping. The sun 

rose fast and the spider was light on my mind. 

When I started the car I thought briefly about 

getting out, using a stick to conduct a gentle 

detachment, ensure I didn’t accidentally abscond 

to Michigan with a Virginian arachnid hitched 

to my fender. But a good song came on 

and my GPS zeroed in so I pulled out, casually 

ripping silk to follow a snaky blue trail across 

four states. Sun hit all my windows roundly, 

I bought fast food and surfed radio swatches 

of Midwest Jesus country, no thought lent 

to the small Southern spider whose homespun 

efforts were long blown into the past, the small 

possibility that it now hid in the rain-sluice cracks 

of my car door, holding on for dear future.


Poetry: "Body, the Playground", Mikhayla Robinson

Mikhayla Robinson is an author, poet, and spoken word artist. Poetry is her passion. Her work surrounds Black life and Black struggles.​

Original Artwork: The Hidden Cost of Organ Donation, Leah Oates

After spending over thirty years teaching writing and literature to thousands of diverse students from the tundra of the Arctic Slope to the bayous of Louisiana, Dave Sims now dwells and creates in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. His comix and digital paintings can be seen online in the New Southern Fugitives, The Nashville Review, Talking Writing, Hoot Review, Nunum, and Arkana, and upon the printed pages and covers of Burningword, Stonecoast and the Raw Art Review (where he is also a featured artist). Feel free to contact him, @tincansims, on Instagram.