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     “When I was four,” Mum reminisced one day, “I slipped away from your Oma while she was nursing the baby. I snuck back to our house and, on tiptoe, peeked through a break in the hedge. There were the soldiers, boys really, who had driven us away. One by one, they raised their rifles and fired. Gretel, my big dolly, crumpled, full of holes. The soldiers were shooting Gretel for target practice!”
     I crumpled. But it was Mum’s chuckle that shot me full of holes, and told so much more of her story.


Fiction: "Homesick", Anita Haas

Anita Haas is a differently-abled, Canadian writer and teacher based in Madrid, Spain. She has published books on film, two novelettes, a short story collection, and articles, poems and fiction in both English and Spanish. Some publications her work has appeared in include Falling Star Magazine, Poetry Quarterly, Tulane Magazine, Literary Brushstrokes, and Adelaide Magazine. She spends her free time enjoying tapas and flamenco with her writer husband and two cats.

Original Artwork: Swallowed by a House, Carol Radsprecher

Carol Radsprecher is a restless artist whose images combine figurative and abstract elements. She earned her MFA in painting from Hunter College. A longtime painter, she discovered the wonders of digital image-making and found that media well-suited her need to make a succession of rapidly evolving, narrative images based on distorted representations of the human body, especially the female body. Her website is