The Hidden Cost of Organ Donation — Dave Sims


— Mikhayla Robinson

Have you ever felt the pain of an invisible bullet?

It goes clean through, straight out of the other side.

There’s no trace         no sound.

No metal        all memory.

You wear the scar, with a face in mind.

I will never know your killer.

You wear the scar, with a face in mind.

I   will     never know   your killer.

You have the looks of a man who has been haunted by some awful things.

No one stayed for the shatter,

We just stared at the blood, 

Waiting for a wound to heal.

Waiting for a hurt to end that I cannot begin to understand.

Do you know what they do to little black boys,

In those routine traffic stops?

The strangers in uniforms always leave with a piece of their soul.

My best friend died in his car,

Left his soul right there on the backseat.

He hasn’t answered the phone the same way, since then.

Mikhayla Robinson is an author, poet, and spoken word artist. Poetry is her passion. Her work surrounds Black life and Black struggles.​

After spending over thirty years teaching writing and literature to thousands of diverse students from the tundra of the Arctic Slope to the bayous of Louisiana, Dave Sims now dwells and creates in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. His comix and digital paintings can be seen online in the New Southern Fugitives, The Nashville Review, Talking Writing, Hoot Review, Nunum, and Arkana, and upon the printed pages and covers of Burningword, Stonecoast and the Raw Art Review (where he is also a featured artist). Feel free to contact him, @tincansims, on Instagram.


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